Roget's Thesaurus

Visualization of Roget's Thesaurus

View Words and Senses

Graphs: Networks, or graphs, can show detailed relationships between words and their senses. 
Here is an example for the word "happy". You can generate an onscreen graph of any word , its senses and synonyms, (for a faster neighbourhood, Click here.)

Lattices: FCA ( Formal Concept Analysis) lattices give an ordered view of relationships between words and senses within Roget's. 
Here is an example  for the word "happy". You can generate an onscreen lattice for any word, its senses and synonyms.

View the Conceptual Hierarchy

HyperTree This displays the tree structure of Roget's conceptual hierarchy as an interactive hyperbolic tree where you can navigate to Roget's semantic Categories visually. Here is an example of what the tree looks like. To start the HyperTree visualization Click here (use CTRL-click if you have pop-ups blocked).

Click on nodes to center them. Drag nodes to view other parts of the tree. Click on a leaf node (nodes farthest from the central node) to retrieve a web page of the whole Roget Category. [Note: the first time you use this there may be a short delay while a Java Plug-in is loaded*].

Browse the Roget Hierarchy of Concepts and Antonyms This is a simple hypertext interface. For a more sophisticated hypertext interface to the hierarchy (the "Synopsis of Categories") see this.

Generate graphics files for Local Use

Lattices: of areas of Roget's Thesaurus can also be generated automatically using free FCA software, such as Tupleware, Conexp, or the editor,Siena, of ToscanaJ.
You can generate a .cxt (Conexp and Siena [ToscanaJ]), .tuples (Tupleware), or .csc (Anaconda)  file for the semantic neighbourhood of any input word (Siena can import either csc or cxt types). To generate a file in one of these formats Click here.

Graphs: of Roget's Thesaurus can be generated automatically using  Pajek.
To generate the contents of a Pajek .net file for the semantic neighbourhood of any input word Click here.

More on lattice and graph visualization of the thesaurus.

*You can also download the Roget's Thesaurus "hypertree" code, written by Jason Baumgartner (Baumgartner and Waugh, 2002) and run the programme locally (you may need Java Runtime Environment 

Baumgartner, J., & Waugh, T. (2002) Roget2000: A 2D hyperbolic tree visualization of Roget’s Thesaurus. Conference on Visualization and Data Analysis, January 20-25, 2002, San Jose, CA, USA








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